Now that you've installed KnowledgeTree for Salesforce it's time to enable your Sales Organization with the right assets at the right time. If you don't have KnowledgeTree for Salesforce you can install it from the AppExchange.

After you install KnowledgeTree for Salesforce, you will receive a welcome email from KnowledgeTree with login credentials for your newly created KnowledgeTree Manager account. KnowledgeTree Manager is the tool you'll use to curate assets for discovery in Salesforce.

Surfacing assets from KnowledgeTree Manager for discovery in KnowledgeTree for Salesforce is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Add Assets to KnowledgeTree Manager: You can add these assets to your KnowledgeTree manager from a variety of sources like Box, DropBox, or Google Drive to name a few. You can even add web page assets. Go here to learn how.

2. Enabling KnowledgeTree on a Contact, Lead, Account. Opportunity, or Custom Object Record: In Salesforce, modify the desired page layout to include the KnowledgeTree visualforce page. Go here to learn how.

3. View the desired record:  Now that you've added assets into KnowledgeTree Manager, and configured the KnowledgeTree Visualforce page, the assets you've added to KnowledgeTree Manager are available in Salesforce.

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