Install KnowledgeTree for Salesforce

  • Using the managed package URL install the KnowledgeTree for Salesforce.

Setup the Visualforce page for the objects you’d like to use with KnowledgeTree

Check the KnowledgeTree / Salesforce connection

  •  Go to and login using your Salesforce credentials
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Check the connection between KnowledgeTree and Salesforce. You’ll want to establish that connection using Salesforce admin credentials. This should happen automatically during the KnowledgeTree for Salesforce installation.

Invite your content managers to KnowledgeTree so they can add content.

  •  In the Invite New Administrator card, enter the user’s Salesforce username and click Invite Administrator.
  •  Once invited, those users can login to KnowledgeTree by going to and using their Salesforce credentials. 

Add a web page document to the KnowledgeTree account and check that it shows up in Salesforce.

  • Add a web page document from your blog or your website.  Don’t worry, this can be removed later.
  • Login to Salesforce and view an Opportunity. If you’ve added the KnowledgeTree Visualforce page to the Opportunities object, you should see the web page document listed in the KnowledgeTree section.

Well done! You’ve installed and tested KnowledgeTree. Your Sales and Marketing teams can now benefit from the right content at the right time.

You may want to also consider setting up a Vanity URL to have a customized address for your asset landing page that prospects see. Click here for information. 

Additional help can be found within our Help Portal or by contacting our Customer Success Team.

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