• A Salesforce Account
  • Admin user privileges for Salesforce
  • Safari, Chrome, or Firefox
  • One of the following Salesforce Editions: Enterprise Edition, Unlimited and Performance Edition, Developer Edition

Installation Instructions

  1. Go to the AppExchange listing for KnowledgeTree https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N3000000B42XCEAZ
  2. If you are not already authenticated, Salesforce will ask you to log in. 
  3. You will be given an overview of the things to be installed.  Click Continue.

    4. Approve 3rd Party Access

 5. This page details the standard object permissions for the Package.  Click Next.

6. Grant access to all users.  Click Next

7. Click Install

9. If the installation happens quickly, you'll see the Installation Complete notice below

In some cases the installation will take a couple of minutes.  In this case, you'll see the below notice from Salesforce

Once the installation is complete, Salesforce will send you an email.

Limit KnowledgeTree Settings Access to Admins Only

You'll want to disable access to the administration settings to everyone but System Administrators in Salesforce

-Click Setup -> Manage Users -> Profiles

-For each profile you use that is not 'System Administrator'

  • Click the 'Profile Name' for the profile
  • Click 'Object Settings'

-Click 'KnowledgeTree Settings' under the 'Object Name' column

-Click the 'Edit' button

-Using the 'Tab Settings' dropdown menu change it to 'Tab Hidden' and click 'Save'

Add Email Addresses for "Provide Content Feedback" & Create Account 

Users have the option to email your team with feedback. More information found here. Add the relevant email address for these messages.

  1. Go to KnowledgeTree Settings. This is a tab in Salesforce, so generally is found by clicking the + on your SFDC navigation bar.
  2. Type in the comma separated email addresses that messaging should go to and save.
  3. Then click Show Advanced Settings and "Create Account/User" and save.

You're almost there!

Last steps: 

1. Connect your Salesforce to your KnowledgeTree Account

2. Add KnowledgeTree to your Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunity, Products, and Custom Views in Salesforce

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