You can invite anyone to become an administrator of your KnowledgeTree Manager account. Once invited, these users will be able to add, publish, and curate assets for discovery in Salesforce.

You do not need to invite sales users. They will propagate with their Salesforce user ID by using KnowledgeTree within Salesforce. You can adjust their role as necessary.

Login to your KnowledgeTree Manager account and click on the Settings icon.

Navigate to the Users section, click on the Invite Admin icon.  

Enter the Email Address of the person you're inviting and click "Invite".  Note:  The Email Address you enter will be the username of the user you're inviting.  

The invited user will receive an email inviting them to your KnowledgeTree Manager account with login instructions.

All KnowledgeTree Manager users you invite will show up in your Users list within KnowledgeTree Manager.  

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