Managing User Roles

You can assign a specific role to each user within your KnowledgeTree account. These roles govern what functionality the user has access to within KnowledgeTree.

  • Administrator: Has full access to all functionality within the KnowledgeTree account
  • Asset Manager: Has access to the Share and Asset tabs within KnowledgeTree but does not have access to Settings.
  • Sales Manager. Has access to the Share and Quickplays tab.
  • Sales: Has access to KnowledgeTree in, and via the Share tab in KnowledgeTree Manager. Cannot access the Assets tab or the Settings page.

Below is a table describing what each role can do.

Configuring Roles

Note: You'll need to have Administrator permissions to configure roles

Log in to your KnowledgeTree account and go to Settings

Scroll down to the Users card

You can search for a particular user by First Name, Last Name or Email Address. To change their role use the drop down menu and select the role.

You can choose to "Disable" a user as well. This user won't be deleted from your account but will have no privileges and will be unable to log in.

Updating Salesforce Profiles

We automatically pull in a user's Salesforce profile when they use KnowledgeTree Manager or KnowledgeTree for Salesforce. You can use those Salesforce Profile to create teams and restrict access to assets by teams. When you change a user's profile in Salesforce you need to refresh the user list in KnowledgeTree.

Click the Refresh button on the Users card to sync the latest Salesforce Profiles from your Salesforce account to your user list in KnowledgeTree.

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