When you share assets with prospects, KnowledgeTree generates a unique link and landing page. These pages are hosted at: http://content.vu. KnowledgeTree supports enabling Vanity URLs so that these prospect-facing links and landing pages reflect your own branding.

When you use a Vanity URL, the KnowledgeTree branding will be removed from the page.

Step 1: Configure a CNAME

In order for us to activate Vanity URLs for your account, you'll first need to work with your IT department to add a new host record to your DNS.

  1. Select an unused domain (eg "content.mycompany.com")
  2. Create a new CNAME record for the desired domain.
  3. Set "content.vu" as the value for this CNAME.

NOTE: We do not support SSL for branded URLs (you must use "http", not "https")

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