This article covers how to connect your KnowledgeTree account to Marketo. This empowers you to add Marketo campaigns as assets in KnowledgeTree and enables sales reps to enroll their Leads and Contacts into those campaigns.

To begin, log in to Marketo and go to the Admin area.

Next, click on the Web Services option in the admin menu on the left.

Take note of the following field values: Endpoint, Identity, and REST API documentation. We'll need these values to correctly connect Marketo to KnowledgeTree.

NOTE: For any campaigns you wish to use in KnowledgeTree, you must had this specific filter to each one in Marketo.

Campaign is Requested: Source: is WebService API.

Next, log in to KnowledgeTree and click on the Add button to get to the add assets page.

Select the Marketo asset source and make sure the values for REST API Endpoint, Client ID, and Client Secret match what is described in Marketo. Click the Connect button.

Once connected, you'll see your programs and campaigns. Any item with a folder icon next to it is a program. Items listed with a lightbulb icon are individual campaigns.

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