This article discusses how to add assets from your Salesforce File Libraries into your KnowledgeTree account. Assets added from Salesforce behave the exactly the same as assets added from other sources.

Adding Assets from Salesforce Libraries

1. Begin by clicking on the Add Assets button.

2. Select the Salesforce asset source. You'll see a list of your Salesforce File Libraries. Select the Library of your choosing. In this example, we're choosing the Salesforce Marketing Library.

Note: KnowledgeTree inherits the permissions established in your Salesforce account. To see and add assets from a library, the logged in KnowledgeTree user must be a member of that library in Salesforce. This ensures that only users who already have access to a library and its assets can add those files to KnowledgeTree.

3. Open the library, select the assets you'd like to add and click the Add button


  • Assets must be stored within a shared Salesforce Library for KnowledgeTree to have access to them.

Personal Library

  • If you have assets stored in your Personal Library or within Salesforce Content but not yet in a shared library you can move them therePersonal LibrarySalesforce Content

Salesforce Content

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