This article covers how to enable and use engagement statistics when managing your asset lists. These statistics give you a relative sense of engagement across assets so you know how your assets are performing. We'll cover ...

  • Enabling engagement statistics
  • Sorting your asset list based on engagement statistics
  • Drilling into engagement data for an asset

Sorting by Engagement Statistics

When you log in to KnowledgeTree, click on the sort button to view the new sorting options.

When you click that icon, you'll see a drop down menu with a few options.

  • Most Viewed by Prospect (last 30 days): This shows the number of views by prospects you've shared assets with.
  • Most Downloaded by Prospect (last 30 days): This shows the number of downloads by prospects when viewing a shared asset.
  • Most Shared (last 30 days): This shows the number of shares by your sales team.

When you select one of the above options, you'll see the number of events for the statistic you chose.

These statistics make it easy to compare which assets have been viewed, shared or downloaded more frequently than others.

Lastly, if you click on the number of shares, views or downloads, you'll be taken to the asset details page where you can view the Activity and Engagement Charts for that asset. These charts provide even more detail in an asset's usage and performance.

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