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Simply compile all your web assets into one excel spreadsheet (or google doc). One column should be the asset title and the second should be the url of the asset.

The url can be a direct link to a file that ends in .doc, .xls, .pdf, etc.  

The url can be a link to a webpage, such as a blog or Marketo landing page

Helpful hints

  1. The title of assets is what users see in Salesforce. Make it descriptive.
  2. The title of assets is also what prospects see in landing pages. Make it understandable.
  3. Use a consisten naming convention in your titles to reflect the kind of asset the link is, i.e. Blog: This is Our Blog; Case Study: Customer Name Success; WhitePaper: Better Content Selling.
  4. Include http:// or https:// in all urls.

Example Spreadsheet

Send your spreadsheet to your assigned Customer Success Manager or

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