Badging assets as New is a great way to call attention to your most important assets so your Sales Users can quickly find them in Salesforce. Here's how it works.

  • Assets you add to your KnowledgeTree account will be automatically badged as "New" for 14 days.
  • You can manually badge one or many assets as "New" at any time. Assets manually badged "New" will remain badged for 14 days.
  • Assets badged "New" will be badged with the "New" icon within your asset list in Salesforce. This makes it easier for your Sales Users to find those assets.

Badging an Asset as "New"

  • Begin by selecting one or many assets from your asset list.
  • Click the "Mark as New" button.
  • The assets are now badged as "New".
  • The "New" badge shows up in Salesforce, making these assets easy to find for your Sales Team.  Note:  the "New" badge will only show up if KnowledgeTree for Salesforce v2.5.3 or above is installed.  Go here to get it.
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