What are Rules?

Rules are the driving factor for recommending assets in Salesforce. Rules are created based on Salesforce fields within your Salesforce account.

When a rule that is applied to an asset matches a field selection in Salesforce, the asset can be recommended. Those assets with the most matching rules will be the "best match" or "most relevant content" that is displayed.

For example, the assets in this Lead are recommended because they have rules that match the Lead Status, Persona, and Industry.

In order for the same asset (in this example eBook– Sell More with Content recommended above) to be recommended in the Contact object, there must be a rule applied to that asset for the Contact object. Here the matching rule is Contact Persona. eBook- Sell More with Content is being recommended in both Salesforce objects because it has rules applied for both Salesforce objects.

Rules, Object Relationships, and the Recommendation Engine

In Salesforce, certain objects are related to other objects. As far as the KnowledgeTree recommendation engine is concerned, we only need to consider certain object relationships, like how Opportunities are related to Accounts and Products.

So, how does the recommendation engine work? How can you determine what assets must be shown in a certain sales situation ... ?

You can recommend assets for Opportunities using Opportunity fields. Similarly, you can recommend assets for Leads using Lead fields, and so on. This is a given for all Opportunity, Lead, Account or Contact records that reps manage using KnowledgeTree for Salesforce.

Beyond recommending assets using fields for the record the sales rep is viewing, assets can be recommended using object fields related to the record the sales rep is viewing. For example, you can recommend assets for an Opportunity based on fields for that Opportunity's Account and for Products that Opportunity is interested in. This greatly expands the power of the recommendation engine.

Below is a graphic that describes what Objects and Fields you can use to power recommendations for reps managing Opportunities, Accounts, Leads, and Contacts.

In the graphic above, when a sales rep is viewing an Opportunity record, KnowledgeTree for Salesforce will recommend assets based on fields for the related Account, Product, Contact and OpportunityProduct objects. Leads on the other hand can have assets recommended based only on fields for the Lead being viewed by the sales rep. This makes sense because, in Salesforce, a Lead isn't technically associated with anything. Its job is to be converted into an Opportunity and an Account.

The point is, when a rep is considering how best to tackle an Opportunity, they have to consider information about the company they're navigating, the people they're negotiating with, and the products they want. Our recommendation engine considers all of the above so you can deliver the right content to your reps.

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