KnowledgeTree enables Marketers to quickly and easily add and curate assets for discovery in Salesforce by the Sales team. To properly curate assets so they show up at the right time (i.e. for a certain Stage in an Opportunity, or for a certain Industry) you'll need to import curation rules using the Salesforce fields and values you care about.

Before you can import rules into your KnowledgeTree account from Salesforce you need to connect your KnowledgeTree account to your Salesforce account. Go here to learn how.

Importing Rules from Salesforce

Begin by going to the Settings page using the drop down in the upper right portion of the screen.

Now that you're on settings and have connected your account to Salesforce, click on the drop down labeled "Search for a record type". This drop down contains the standard Salesforce objects you can use to generate rules. Let's select the Opportunity object as an example.

Once you select Opportunity, you'll be presented with all of the standard and custom fields.You can scroll through the list to find the field you'd like to use to generate rules or you can type ahead. In this case, we're going to type "Stage" because we want to import rules for the "Stage" field.

Now that you've selected a field, in this case Opportunity Stage, KnowledgeTree will find all of the field values for you so you can import them. ;

You can add all of the found field values as rules or you can selectively remove the ones you don't need by clicking the "x" next to that value. You can also delete all of the rules that are autofilled so that you can manually type in the value of a rule you would like to create. To do this, click on one rule, press CTRL +A and then delete. This works well if you have many rules but only want to add a few. Once you've decided upon the field values you want to use in generating rules, click the "Add Rules" button.

Once you click "Add Rules" KnowledgeTree will generate rules based on your Salesforce field values and place them in the Rules card.

You can now assign these rules to assets within your KnowledgeTree account, curating them for discovery in Salesforce. For example, if you assign the Opportunity Stage rule "Prospecting" to assets, your KnowledgeTree for Salesforce users will see those assets as recommended when viewing an Opportunity in the Prospecting stage.

Rules will become invalid if they the fields are changed or deleted in Salesforce. A new rule will need to be added to KnowledgeTree and assigned to the appropriate assets.

Invalid rules are highlighted red when viewing the list of rules on the Settings page. Additionally, you can see the assets associated with each invalid rule by clicking on the number in the Assets column.

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