So, your company is using KnowledgeTree but why should you? After all, you've got selling to do and more tools than you know what to do with!

  • Never go digging for content again. Recommended content is available for the prospect you're viewing and gets updated as the prospect moves through the sale's cycle.
  • Share content with a click. Content can easily be shared with prospects by sending a link to a unique landing page generated by KnowledgeTree. You can use your default email client, or your favorite social selling tool. No plugins required.
  • Know who's hot and what works. KnowledgeTree alerts you in real-time when prospects engage with shared content and records that activity in Salesforce automatically.

Finding Content

Begin by logging in to Salesforce. View a Lead or Opportunity. You'll probably see something like the screenshot below. Start by clicking the "Get Content" button.

Follow the prompt to gain access. Note: If the prompt does not appear, turn off your pop up blocker and try again. This will only occur once.

If you are not automatically assigned a sales user role, please contact your KnowledgeTree administrator to gain access. Once your get access, you will probably see something like the image below.

Content that is relevant for the Opportunity or Lead you're viewing is immediately available. In the above example, content has been recommended for use in the Prospecting stage. The most recent and relevant content will always bubble to the top and be badged as "New".

You should rarely have to "find" content as KnowledgeTree recommends the right content for your sales situation. But, if you're looking for a particular document you can always search for it.

You can also filter by tag to find content by clicking on the tag icon next to the search bar.

Sharing Content

KnowledgeTree makes it easy to share content with Leads and Contacts. Most importantly, when you share using KnowledgeTree, we're able track how engaged your prospect is with the shared content and notify you directly.

Once you've identified the content you would like to share, click the share button.

Choose the contact you wish to share the content with. At a glance you can see activity history with prospects that lets you know if you have shared content with them or not.

Once you're selected the contact, click the Get Share Link button. You can optionally choose when the shared content will expire by using the "Prevent access after" date picker. Access to the shared document will expire after the date you specify. If you do not choose a date, the default is one year.

When you click Get Share Link, we'll generate a share link specific to the content you're sharing and the contact you're sharing with. This link is what allows us to track whether or not your contact views the content.

You can copy this link to your clipboard by clicking "Copy", or immediately pull up your inbox with a pre-fashioned email template by clicking "Email". This email template is editable by you and automatically includes the share link. To set up your email, please refer to our help articles Outlook Set Up or Gmail Set Up for one time set up steps.

Share Notifications

Every sales rep wants to know when their prospects and contacts are engaged. It gives you more ammunition to continue the conversation and close the deal. KnowledgeTree will alert you every time a shared piece of content is viewed or downloaded.

You can send them an email reply or view their contact information directly in Salesforce

What's more, we also store the contact's behavior in their Activity History allowing you and your sales team to record and report upon contact engagement

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