Now that you have learned how to Discover content, sharing documents using the KnowledgeTree for Salesforce application is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse.

Once you have discovered the piece of content you need and decide you want to share it with a prospect or prospects, click on share icon.

This will open the Sharing dialogue that allows you to:

  1. Choose the contact(s) to share with. These contacts are only those associated with the Account, Opportunity or Lead that you are currently working in.
  2. Select the time frame you want the content to be available for. You may need to create a sense of urgency to view the document. Setting a shorter time frame helps with this.
  3. Get the share link. This will generate a link to be shared with the contact(s). This link will generate a Share activity under each contact that you select, however it only allows for tracking of views and downloads to be logged under the first contact selected unless Guestbook has been enabled by your team. To learn more about analytic attribution with Guestbook go here. *Note: Current limit of 100 contacts in share drop down

With the shared link dialogue you have 2 options for sharing.

  1. Copy the link to send to the recipient(s) as you wish.
  2. Click the email button to use your default email client to send an email to the recipient(s). If you choose the email button, your default email client will open to compose a message. You can customize the message just as you would any other email.

How are KnowledgeTree content events captured in Salesforce?

*Note that you cannot multi-recipient share from a Contact record

Now that you've learned how to share content, click here to learn how to track shares, views and downloads!

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