Discovering and finding the right content in Salesforce using KnowledgeTree is as simple as a few clicks. At the end of this tutorial, you'll be on your way to closing more deals by having the right content at the right time!

KnowledgeTree can be displayed in the Lead, Opportunity, Account, Contact, Product, and Case objects in Salesforce. Content in this example will be surfaced in the Opportunity view.

In this example existing Opportunity, there are several documents displayed as recommended content. Sales people will see them as recommended based on various criteria selected by your marketing team within the KnowledgeTree Manager tool.

Results are shown from most matching criteria to the least. You can note this by the tags to the right of the document name.

In our example screenshot here, you can see that content results shown are based on matches toSales Stage and Industry.

That is, if the content is labeled with this criteria and they match the various fields of this opportunity, they will be displayed as recommended content to your salesforce. The content with the most matches to the fields of the opportunity will be shown.

You may also see that no assets are recommended with this message. This means that based on the selections in the fields of the opportunity, lead or account you are in, no assets have been tagged to match those fields. You should let your marketing team know this!

If you want to lessen the filters to find more content, simply click "Show all assets"

Know precisely what you are looking for? Save time for your salesforce by searching for content within the displayed results by typing the first few letters of a content's title in the search field.

To further determine if you've found the right content, you can preview documents (PDF, xls/xlsx, doc/docx, ppt/pptx, bmp, jpg, gif, png) by clicking on the eye icon to the right of the content's title.

Clicking to preview content allows your salesforce to:

1. Zoom in and out on the content
2. Click through by page number
3. Click through previous and next pages
4. Scroll through the content in its entirety
5. Once you are done previewing the content, click the X to close out of preview and go back to the list of content.

If instead of the eye icon, you see the weblink icon

, you can preview this content by clicking the icon to take you directly to the webpage.

You can also tell what file type collateral is by noting the icons to the left of the content's title.

KnowledgeTree is also available in the Lead, Account and Product views in Salesforce. If you don't KnowledgeTree in these views, let your SFDC administrator know. They have the ability to add them!

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