Chatter is a great way for users to leave feedback about content in Salesforce. It's also a great way for content managers to highlight certain content to the sales team to make sure they are aware and using it frequently.

Within KnowledgeTree Manager, click on any document title from the Manage Assets page. One the document page, in the lower righthand corner, you'll see a Comments section with the option to start a discussion in Chatter.

Clicking this will open a new window that will take you to Salesforce to start Chatter feed. Here you can type a comment about the content, add a description on the left, start a poll, and even share with specific groups.

*If you receive an error, Chatter may not be set up for your company. Contact your Salesforce Administrator.

Once a chatter discussion has been started, you'll see on the document page an option to join a discussion in chatter, rather than starting one. The link will take you to Salesforce where you can see comments on the content.

Starting a discussion in Chatter changes the icon that Salesforce users see in the KnowledgeTree Sales App, so that they are aware there is a discussion on a piece of content they have discovered. The icon is two speech bubbles vs. one speech bubble when a Chatter discussion has not been started.

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