KnowledgeTree for Salesforce API Usage

KnowledgeTree utilizes the Salesforce API to push and retrieve data to and from Salesforce. We are sensitive towards our users' Salesforce API limits and have architected KnowledgeTree to use the Salesforce API as efficiently as possible.

For example, the busiest of Sales Development Reps sharing an asset every 10 minutes for the entire day with a 50% hit rate only consumes one quarter of their allotted Salesforce API calls. Because the number of Salesforce API calls allowed per user resets every day, users should rarely if ever hit their Salesforce API limit.

Below is a breakdown of when we use the Salesforce API to power the capabilities and features of KnowledgeTree.

KnowledgeTree for Salesforce

KnowledgeTree Manager Backend

KnowledgeTree Example

If one of your sales reps shares 50 documents during the work day using KnowledgeTree, generating 25 total views, that would be 200 to 275 API calls for that specific sales rep for that 24 hour period.

  • 150 to 200 calls for creating the Shares + 50 to 75 calls for capturing the Views = 200 to 275 total calls
  • This accounts for 20-27.5% of their daily API allotment
  • The typical sales rep using KnowledgeTree shares between 50 and 100 documents per day.

Salesforce API Limits

Salesforce limits API usage based on the Salesforce Edition you have for your organization. The allowed API calls per licensed users and across the entire Salesforce organization reset every 24 hours. At a high level the API usage limits are as follows

KnowledgeTree Data Footprint

When KnowledgeTree for Salesforce is installed and used, some information is created and stored in Salesforce. The package itself and it's components do not go against your data limit because it's a managed package from the AppExchange.

We do generate data and store it in your Salesforce account when KnowledgeTree is used.

- When KnowledgeTree for Salesforce is installed we create...

  • Content Insights Dashboard
  • 11 Reports within that Dashboard

-When a document is shared using KnowledgeTree we create ...

  • Activity History event
  • Chatter Post

-When a shared document is viewed by a Prospect we create ...

  • Activity History event
  • Chatter Post

-When a shared document is downloaded by a Prospect we create ...

  • Activity History event
  • Chatter Post
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