KnowledgeTree users and Salesforce users can comment on assets using Salesforce Chatter. This allows Marketing and Sales to collaborate around how to use and improve assets during the sales cycle.

To begin commenting ...

  • First connect your KnowledgeTree account to your Salesforce account.
  • Make sure that Chatter is enabled for your Salesforce Account.

Commenting on an Asset from KnowledgeTree

  • First, click on the name of the asset
  • Click the "Start discussion in Chatter" link.
  • If that link says "Join discussion in Chatter" that means a Chatter topic already exists for this asset.  Your comment with be added to that topic's feed.
  • If that link says "Connect to Salesforce Chatter" that means your KnowledgeTree account is not connected to Salesforce. 
  • You'll be asked to login to Salesforce if you're not already logged in.
  • Once you've logged into Salesforce you'll see that a Chatter Topic has been created named after the Asset you're commenting on. When you leave a comment, it will become a post within that Chatter Topic.
  • Salesforce Users can also leave comments on an asset from within KnowledgeTree for Salesforce. All comments generated for an asset will live within the Chatter Topic.  This allows Marketing and Sales to discuss and collaborate about the assets they care about. Note: Salesforce Users can only use the Commenting feature if KnowledgeTree for Salesforce v2.5.3 or above is installed. Go here to get it.

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