There are a few reasons why a preview could not be generated when previewing an asset:

  • You've added a large number of assets to KnowledgeTree and the previews haven't finished being generated.  Generally, when adding dozens and dozens of assets, it may take a few minutes for all of the previews to generate in the background.
  • The original file that lives in one of our supported asset sources has been deleted or is corrupt.  Remember, KnowledgeTree isn't actually storing the document but only referencing it.  If that document has been deleted from its source repository, we can't generate a preview.
  • The original file is a type of file that we don't provide preview support for.  The following files can be previewed in KnowledgeTree:
  • .pdf files
  • .ppt and .pptx powerpoint files
  • .doc and .docx word documents
  • .png image files
  • .jpg images files
  • .gif image files
  • .bmp image files
  • .xlsx excel files
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