A great feature of KnowledgeTree is the ability to see when your prospect is viewing content and where they are viewing it from.

Occasionally, you may notice that the location is unusual or inconsistent across multiple notifications. KnowledgeTree uses IP address to determine the prospect's location.

Here are a few reasons why you may see unusual, incorrect, or inconsistent locations.

  1. The prospect has shared the link with other members of their team. Because the link is associated with the original prospect, subsequent notifications will show that they viewed it, rather than the person they shared it with. You can note the difference of the IP address, browser and location.
  2. The prospect is logged in through VPN. If their company has them use a VPN connection, their IP address may be linked to a different physical location than where they are.
  3. Their email system automatically checks links sent to them. Some email will have a "bot" click through links that are included in emails to make sure they are valid and not harmful. We may generate a view notification from this "click".
  4. They may have viewed the asset from their mobile device. GeoIP data bases are not always accurate to the exact location, but rather reflect where the IP range owner has reported their location.
  5. They may not actually be where you think they are! Today people work anywhere, anytime. They may not actually be in the office, but rather on vacation in Mexico and still checking in.

What's important to keep in mind, while you may not know exactly where they are, you can be assured that they are viewing your content. It's time to reach out while their hot!

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