You've discovered the right content at the right time and you've shared it with the right prospects. Now what?

You can easily track content usage, views and hot prospects using KnowledgeTree within Salesforce. This tutorial will cover how.

Click here for the video tutorial on tracking.

The Content Insights Dashboard is a useful tool for viewing an overview of analytics regarding your content.

There are several dashlets that depict various analytics concerning content usage. Under each dashlet you will find a description question as to what the analytics answer.

The following dashlets are available in the Content Insight Dashboard:

  1. Most Engaged Contacts
  2. Most Engaged Accounts
  3. Most Shared Content
  4. Contact Engagement Trend
  5. Most Active Sharers
  6. Most Viewed Content
  7. Most Engaging Content
  8. Content by Opportunity Size
  9. Most Downloaded Content
  10. Content Engagement Trend
  11. Content at Different Stages

To find this dashboard, click on the Dashboard tab in the Salesforce navigation bar. If it does not appear as a tab, click on the plus sign (+) to find more options.
Click on the arrow in the Find a dashboard field and scroll through to find "KnowledgeTree". Under this heading will be the Content Insight Dashboard.

As an example, use this dashboard to find your hot prospects in the Most Engaged Contacts dashlet.

Click on any dashlet to view a full report.

Zone in hot prospects by identifying and working those that are actively engaging in content.

If you need to see more or less, you can change your report options.

Perhaps you'd like to see different fields here. Click Customize to access further report options to suit your needs.

You can also track content usage real time with Chatter. Click here to learn more!

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