Setting up your sales team for success is important. Here are some helpful hints for training your team and making sure they adopting KnowledgeTree.

Initial Training

  • Have a Lunch and Learn for those in person. Sometimes the best way to do things is in person if. People love food. If you feed them, they will come.
  • Conduct several online sessions for remote teams. Having multiple sessions at varying times allows flexibility for your users to attend the session that works best for them.
  • Record an online training session. Distribute the recording to your team. Those that may have missed the training session or those that want a refresher will find it helpful.
  • Use relevant content in training. Use your live Salesforce account and sales scenarios that apply to your team.
  • Help your sales team understand the value for them. Focus on how they can close more deals faster by having rich conversations with prospects and always know when your prospect is viewing your content.
  • Leverage KnowledgeTree's Success team! We can be on hand for your training session and answer the tough questions that your team may ask.
  • Compile resources from KnowledgeTree's KnowledgeBase to distribute to your team. Everyone learns in different ways. Reading may be a better way for some users. Ask your Customer Success Manager to assist with this.

Suggested Points to Cover in Initial Training

You'll want to fill in the gaps for your particular use cases and business processes. Your customer success manager can assist with creating a training outline.

  • What is KnowledgeTree?
  • Your business use case for KnowledgeTree
  • Where KnowledgeTree will be used within Salesforce
  • How assets are recommended
  • Show what happens with fields in Salesforce change - recommended assets change
  • What to do if nothing is recommended
  • How to find content using search and tags
  • Benefits of using the share link
  • What prospects will see
  • Internal documents
  • How to use optional features such as QuickPlays and PerfectPitch


  • For in-house employees, task someone with "walking the floor", demonstrating how to use KnowledgeTree and answering questions.
  • If appropriate in your environment, add gamification. Award prizes or bonuses to the sales reps that use KnowledgeTree the most. Create a leaderboard of best sharers, best view rate. This will also identify reps that are having problems with adoption.
  • Share team successes. If you know a deal was closed with the help of KnowledgeTree - let everyone know! "It worked for Sales Rep A, it could work for you!"
  • Remove access to content repositories. Having KnowledgeTree as the sole source for content will push users to adopt.
  • Create a KnowledgeTree Advocate group. Give your sales reps a chance to show their leadership skills with setting the bar on usage of KnowledgeTree and providing feedback on content and curation.
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