This article contains some sample QuickPlay templates to get you up and running quickly.

How to Use QuickPlay Templates

Using a template is simple:

  1. Copy the HTML for one of the templates listed below.
  2. Create a new QuickPlay in the KnowledgeTree Manager.
  3. Toggle to the HTML editor.
  4. Paste the HTML you copied above.
  5. Toggle back to the Rich Text editor to customize the content.

Here's a quick demo.

Sample QuickPlay Templates

Template: Demonstration Script

  • Usage: guidance and best practices for demo'ing to prospects
  • Use on: Contacts, Leads

Double-click snippet to copy:


 <h2>Demonstration Script Overview</h2><p>This demonstration script is useful as a basis to introduce the problem and solution to first-time evaluators of KnowledgeTree. By following a use-case driven approach, you can help marketing teams understand how they can get their best practice content used by sales teams.</p><h3><span>Section 1: Challenge Introduction</span><br></h3><p><span>70% of marketing content goes unused by sales organizations. But this content is critical to sales success. Using the recommended Discovery Deck, review these analyst-sourced pieces of research.</span></p><p><span><img class="ta-insert-video" src="" ta-insert-video="" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0"><br></span></p><p><span><br></span></p><h3><span>Section 2: Introducing KnowledgeTree</span></h3><p><span>Highlight KnowledgeTree's deployment at hyper-growth companies like RingCentral, Rackspace, and Virgin Pulse. Use the logo slides from the Discovery Deck as the basis.</span></p>

Template: Qualifying Opportunities

  • Usage: provide tips, qualifying questions, and links to helpful resources to use in early stage prospect vetting
  • Use on: Opportunities

Double-click snippet to copy:


 <h3>How to Qualify an Opportunity</h3><p>Marketing teams produce high-quality content that helps advance the sales process. However content is often overlooked as part of the sales process. This marketing content has the power to directly influence leads and opportunities in the bottom of the funnel. So it is imperative that sales teams are equipped with your marketing material.</p><ul>	<li><a href=""><u>Demonstration Script</u></a></li>	<li><a href=""><u>Demonstration Environment</u></a></li>	<li><a href=""><u>Product Training</u></a></li></ul><h3>Qualifying Questions to Find Primary Pain</h3><ol>	<li>Are you looking to increase time spent on core selling activities by your reps?</li>	<li>Are you trying to guide sales interactions with prospects so they add value?</li>	<li>Are you hoping to accelerate the sales process in the bottom of the funnel?</li>	<li>Are wanting to improve marketing content usage or usefulness to sales teams?</li></ol><h3>Overview Video</h3><p><img class="ta-insert-video" src="" ta-insert-video="" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0"><br></p>
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