QuickPlays in Salesforce

QuickPlays will be automatically recommended to a sales rep based on their sales situation. You'll need to make sure QuickPlays are enabled for Salesforce before they'll display for your reps.

For example, in KnowledgeTree we created a QuickPlay to be recommended when a Lead has a Status of Working - Contacted AND has an Industry field of Banking OR Agriculture.

The recommended QuickPlay is immediately shown to the sales rep based on field values of the Salesforce record they're viewing

Sales reps can view other relevant but not recommended QuickPlays by clicking the list icon.

The recommended QuickPlay for this record will be labeled "Recommended" in yellow. Other relevant QuickPlays will be listed and can be viewed by the rep.

Sales reps can close the QuickPlay window by clicking the close icon or by clicking outside of the QuickPlay window

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