Creating and Recommending QuickPlays

This article will show you how to ...

  • Create a QuickPlay
  • Recommend a QuickPlay for a certain sales situation

Configuring QuickPlays

Begin by navigating to the QuickPlays tab.

Note: If you don't see the QuickPlays tab you either don't have QuickPlays enabled for your account or your user doesn't have permission to view QuickPlays.

Click the Add button to begin creating a QuickPlay

Type in the title of your QuickPlay and enter the content. QuickPlays support images, URLs, and videos.

Once you're happy with the content you can recommend the QuickPlay to be displayed to a sales rep depending on the sales situation. Let's walk through an example. To begin, click on the "Recommended?" checkbox.

We're presented with some options. You can recommend the QuickPlay to be immediately displayed when viewing a Lead, Opportunity, Case, Contact, or Account in Salesforce. For this example, let's stick with Leads. Now, it's time to choose the sales situation in which we'll recommend this QuickPlay for a Lead in Salesforce. Let's start by choose the Banking Industry.

You can select more than one value for a individual field to expand your recommendation. For example, say we want to recommend this QuickPlay when the Industry field is Banking OR Agriculture. Use the drop down and select Agriculture.

Right now, this QuickPlay will be recommended and displayed to a sales rep when a Lead has an Industry field value of Banking OR Agriculture. We can add more fields and field values to make our recommendation more specific. Let's click the Add Field button to add additional criteria. In this example we'll add the field Status with a value of Working - Contacted. This QuickPlay will now be recommended when a Lead has an Industry of Banking OR Agriculture AND a Status of Working - Contacted.

Before you save your QuickPlay, you can restrict that QuickPlay to a specific Team. You can create Teams in KnowledgeTree as a way to restrict Assets or QuickPlays to only show up for Salesforce users with a certain profile. In this example we can restrict this QuickPlay to only show up for the East Coast Sales team. Any Salesforce profiles you've associated with the East Coast Sales team will be able to view this QuickPlay. For this example, we're going to leave this QuickPlay as available to All Users.

When saved this QuickPlay will now be recommended to a sales rep when a Lead has an Industry field value of Banking OR Agriculture AND a Status of Working - Contacted. Sales reps working on a Lead in the Banking or Agriculture Industry with a Status of Working - Contacted will see the QuickPlay front and center.

QuickPlays you save will be listed under the QuickPlays tab.

You can filter the QuickPlay list by sales situation. This helps you determine where you have QuickPlay coverage and what gaps you may have in your playbook. In the below example we're looking at all Opportunity QuickPlays and how they're recommended.

QuickPlays that aren't recommended are available to Sales Reps browsing for QuickPlays in Salesforce. These QuickPlays will never be recommended but can serve as a good fall back resource for Sales Reps needing to brush up on coaching tips and other internal information you want to present.

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