Every PowerPoint (.pptx and .ppt) file you have in your KnowledgeTree account can be enabled for use with PerfectPitch.

Begin by clicking on the asset within your KnowledgeTree account.

On the asset details page, scroll to the bottom of the page and check the Enable PerfectPitch checkbox.

KnowledgeTree will take some time to process the slides so they can be curated for discovery. This process usually doesn't take more than a minute or so. When processing is done, you'll see the deck's slides listed.

Now you can curate slides for custom deck creation. Select the slides you want to curate and click the "+ Rules" button. This will give you the list of rules you have in your KnowledgeTree account. Once you apply these rules to slides, those slides will be recommended to reps creating custom decks.

You can also mark a slide as Default by clicking the star icon. Slides marked as Default are always recommended to reps creating custom decks. This is useful for making sure title slides are always included.

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