Begin by launching PerfectPitch from KnowledgeTree for Salesforce. Slide decks enabled for use with PerfectPitch will have a rocket icon displayed next to them.

You'll see the recommended slides presented before you. These are the recommended slides from the presentation you used to launch PerfectPtich.

You can add slides to this presentation by clicking the Add Slide button or the "+" icon.

When you click Add Slides you can view all of the available slides across all presentations enabled for PerfectPitch.

To see all recommended slides across all presentations, click the "Recommended" checkbox. This will show you all slides that have been curated for that Salesforce record.

You can also search for slides. Slides with tags, rules or content that match your search criteria will be shown.

Each slide you select for your presentation will be queued up in the sidebar.

When you're ready to add those slides to your presentation click the Add Slides button. Those slides will be added to the end of your presentation.

You can change the order of your presentation by moving slides. Grab the move handle to drag slides around.

Click the Preview button in the upper right to preview your deck. You can scroll through each slide to get a sense of how the deck came together.

When you're ready to share the custom presentation begin by clicking the Next button in the upper right.

You can now give your custom deck a name and set an expiration date for the custom deck. This expiration date governs how long the deck is viewable by your prospect.

When you're ready to share, click the Get Share Link button. You can then Email that share link to your prospect.

When you click the Email button your default email client will be opened containing the share link, the prospect's email address and a brief message. This message is fully editable but be sure to leave the share link as is.

When the prospect clicks the share link they'll be taken to a landing page where they can view the custom deck and download it.

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