We are excited for customers to start utilizing Sales Blueprints, but there are a few known limitations.

  • Emails are triggered when closes/wins an opportunity and KnowledgeTree has been used to share content within that Opportunity or your can restrict recipients to those on the same team as the person who won the deal.
  • Blueprints will go to all reps who have open opportunities with a close won or 100% probability date in the next six months.
  • When sharing an asset directly from the Sales Blueprint email, the activity will be logged to the person shown that it was originally shared with.
  • Asset Managers have the ability to enable Sale Blueprints in test mode only so that they can preview examples of Blueprints.

Future releases will include:

  • Ability to track shares to prospects other than those included in the blueprint. We will intelligently associate the share link with the email address in the "to" field.
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