The Web Application's beautiful and visual interface gives sellers a personalized, actionable view of relevant content, prospect engagement, tasks, and sales guidance for their active deals.

This powerful, yet streamlined browser-based environment helps sellers hyper-focus on advancing sales reps' active deals with relevant content and resources. Sellers can quickly access:

  • Content and QuickPlays recommended specifically for their priority accounts and prospects.
  • Embedded analytics that identify which prospects are engaging with content — and which need attention.
  • Two-way integration into Salesforce to surface additional ‘best next actions’ to advance opportunities.

The application is accessible via a browser-based interface and as a tab within your Salesforce environment.

***Note: The Web App needs to be turned on for your company by your customer success agent before accessing.

To get started, first obtain a KnowledgeTree license through our Salesforce or Manager Client applications (if you are not a user in KnowledgeTree already). Then go to and log in with your Salesforce credentials.

When first opening the Web App Portal you will see 6 highlighted areas to engage with:

   1. Quarterly Progress - Enter a quota and comp rate to generate commissions and pipeline coverage. We will bring in your personal bookings and pipeline from Salesforce.
   2. Tasks - Two-way integration to surface additional "best next actions" to advance opportunities. Snooze, delay, and complete Salesforce tasks in a few clicks or drill into your completed/incomplete tasks to see additional context.

   3. Engagement - Recent engagement of your owned contacts and leads will be presented to identify who needs attention or a timely follow up.
   4.  Recent Opportunities - Recently worked opportunities will be recommended. Drill into these opportunities to view associated tasks, recent engagement, recommended content and Quickplays, Salesforce data, and overall engagement trend.

  5.  Recommended Content - Recommended content is pushed based on overall company performance. Share content that reps and prospects enjoy!
  6. Recently Shared Content - Recently shared content will be pinned so you can easily access your favorite content.

For additional content not recommended or recently shared, search for full-text and suggestive results. Combine your search with a refined filter such as category (content type), tags, and/or rules (salesforce fields/values).

Click into any content piece to view internal and external consumption metrics and a description.

Once you've found the content you want to send, enjoy our one-click sharing within the context of the opportunity or share outside of the Opportunity by clicking the email icon. If sharing outside of an opportunity, a window will appear allowing you to select the account and prospect(s) you'd like to share with. Select one or multiple assets to share and send!

Enjoy the same engagement and analytics you always have from our other applications by receiving engagement alerts and pushing all activity back into Salesforce!

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