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By opening the developer console, we can quickly debug JavaScript code.

Find your browser below and follow the instructions to open:

Chrome Users:

The JavaScript Console is available in two places. The Console panel provides primary access. It also is available from within any other panel by using the Drawer. To open the Console tab, do one of the following:

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Command + Option + J (Mac) or Control+ Shift + J (Windows/Linux).
  • Select  > More Tools > JavaScript Console or Developer Tools>Network

Firefox Users:

You can open the Browser Console in one of two ways:

  1. From the menu: select "Browser Console" from the Web Developer submenu in the Firefox Menu (or Tools menu if you display the menu bar or are on OS X). Click on Network.
  2. From the keyboard: press Ctrl+Shift+J (Windows/Linux) or Cmd+Shift+J (Mac). Click on Network.

Internet Explorer:

Click F12 to enable web developer console. Click on Network.

Once the developer console is open and you are under the Network tab, refresh the page. You will see all errors appear in red as the page loads.

1. Click on the white box to the left of the first red lined item (outlined in black below) .

2. You will see the error code appear. Double click the error line and copy and paste the error message into an email for your KnowledgeTree Support Team

Repeat steps 1-2 for each red lined error appearing under the Network tab.

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