This article describes how to add the KnowledgeTree for Salesforce Visualforce page to any object layouts.

Start by logging into Salesforce and going to "Setup"

Next, under the App Setup area open the Customize section.  The KnowledgeTree for Salesforce Visualforce page can be installed for Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, Cases, and Products. Be sure to enable custom objects in KnowledgeTree before adding the KnowledgeTree for Salesforce Visualforce page to your custom object layout(s).

Open each object section and click the Page Layouts option.

You'll be presented with the list of layouts for the object you selected.  Click the "Edit" link next to the layout that will contain the KnowledgeTree for Salesforce Visualforce page.  You can add the Visualforce page to as many layouts as you like.

Next, choose the "Visualforce Pages" option.  If you don't see the KnowledgeTree Visualforce page immediately available you can use the Quick Find search to find it.

Click and drag the "Section" item into the layout.  This section will act as a heading and container for the KnowledgeTree Visualforce page.

Name the Section "KnowledgeTree" and change the options to look like the below screenshots.  When you're done, click OK

Next, drag the KnowledgeTree Visualforce page directly underneath the Section you recently added.

Click the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the Visualforce page.

Change the "Height (in pixels)" option to 600.  This will ensure assets preview nicely for your team.  Click OK.

Click the Save button.  

Also, be sure to change the layout to include our custom activity types. Click here to learn more.

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