To allow users to collapse the KnowledgeTree section within various layouts in Salesforce, a Salesforce administrator will need to set up the appropriate layouts accordingly.

In the following example, we will demonstrate updating the layout for Opportunities. Administrators will want to do this to all relevant layouts that contain the KnowledgeTree object that they wish to allow users to collapse.

Go to Setup - > Customize -> Opportunities (Or appropriate view) -> Page Layouts. Click on Edit for the layout you wish to update.

Click on the wrench icon to edit the header for the KnowledgeTree object - not the the object itself.

This will open a pop up window for Section Properties. Click the checkbox for Detail Page and click OK.

*You may want to take note of the section name and possibly edit as it will now display in the user interface. We suggest: Sales Collateral Powered by KnowledgeTree.

Scroll to the top of the page and click on Save.

Now users will be given the standard triangle icon in Salesforce to collapse the KnowledgeTree object for this layout. Repeat as needed for the remaining layouts.

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