Today's sales teams are increasingly using mobile devices when working with prospects in the field. Salesforce1 is a mobile application for both iOS and Android that makes Salesforce easier to work with on tablets and smart phones.

KnowledgeTree is fully compatible with Salesforce1 enabling your sales team to get the content they need when they need it.

If you want to see how KnowledgeTree will work with Salesforce1, do the following.

1) Login to Salesforce using your web browser. In your address bar you'll probably see your home page for your Salesforce account.

2) In your address bar change the URL such that it ends with "one/". This will show you how Salesforce looks within the Salesforce1 mobile app without you having to install the mobile app or use a phone / tablet.

3) Navigate to a Lead or Opportunity.

4) Once you've opened a Lead or Opportunity, scroll down to find KnowledgeTree working and available.

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