At the bottom of the asset list, users have the ability to provide feedback to your content management team. This can be helpful if the recommended content was not useful or they did not find what they need. Having a feedback loop allows content managers to adjust rules and content to ensure sales users are getting what they need.

To make this feature fully functional, a SFDC admin will need to add the email address of those that should be receiving the feedback.

To set the email address that these messages go to, you will need to go to KnowledgeTree Settings. This is usually found by clicking the + on your Salesforce navigation bar to open all tabs. Then select KnowledgeTree Settings.

On the next screen simply fill in your marketing team's email address(es). Addresses should be comma separated. It is recommended to use a distribution list so that this field does not need to be updated when personnel changes occur.

Remember to click save!

Now when your users click to send you a message, the default email will be generated to these email addresses allowing marketing to better curate content.

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