We know sales people spend most of their day in email. They don’t have time to switch contexts to a portal or yet another tool. So we built KnowledgeTree for Outlook with that workflow in mind. From any Outlook account (Web Access- Office 365 and Outlook 2016 +), you can access the content you need — putting hours per week back into core selling. 

Follow the installation steps here and you'll be up and running on your Outlook Desktop client in seconds.

Follow the installation steps below and you'll be up and running in Outlook / Office 365 in seconds. 

  1. Sign up for an account at outlook.live.com and login
  2. Click the gear in the top right corner then select "Manage Integrations"
  3. Search for "KnowledgeTree" in the add in store and Add

4. This will allow your app to connect to your internal KnowledgeTree/SFDC account

5. Close the Add-Ins window.

6. Click the “+ New” to Compose a new email.

7. Click the KT logo that appears to the right of the Send button

8. Login if requested to your KT Sales account

9. Enjoy sharing and previewing content!

Creating Multi-Asset Microsites

You can add multiple assets to your email and build a "microsite" so your email recipients have a one-stop shop to view and engage with several shared assets. *note: the new microsite has replaced all custom color branding*

  1. Enter at least one recipient on the To: line
  2. Click the KnowledgeTree icon in the Compose toolbar
  3. Select one or more assets and click Share to add links to your email.

Previewing your Microsite before sending

  1. Click any of the links in the email body to preview your microsite.
  2. This is what your prospect will see (note preview message, no stats recorded)

Known Limitations

Here are the ones we know about--please contact us if you find more!

  • First-time KnowledgeTree users:If you're new to KnowledgeTree and have never accessed KnowledgeTree from within Salesforce, you must first visit any record in Salesforce, scroll to the KnowledgeTree window, and click Get Content. This creates your KnowledgeTree user account, and enables you to log in via other clients like Gmail.
  • Predictive recommendations:Automatic asset recommendations are limited to a single recipient for now, specifically the first recipient in the To: field for which we find a matching record in Salesforce.
  • Session timeouts:For security purposes, you will be logged out of KnowledgeTree for Outlook when you don't use the application for several hours. You may be prompted to re-authenticate with Salesforce. 
  • COM Add-Ins Impact:Microsoft has a known issue with how COM Add-Ins and Store Add-ins behave when used in tandem. If you have a COM Add-in installed, all Store Add-ins will be greyed out when added. You will not be able to use KnowledgeTree (when greyed) if composing a new email. However, if you go back to a saved draft it will work and will not be greyed out.

if you're using Outlook 2016, use this article to help you walk through how to add a plug in via a link. http://simonjaeger.com/installing-add-ins-in-outlook-2016-and-outlook-online/.

*Note: Outlook for Mac Computers does not allow add-ons.

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