It is useful to see the activities that are generated from shares, views, and downloads using KnowledgeTree, but your activity section in Salesforce will not show the custom activity type and share recipient data by default. By showing the activity type, users can better differentiate if it is a share, view or download.

The following instructions require an appropriate Salesforce role to allow for editing layouts.

To add this, in the layouts in which KnowledgeTree resides in Salesforce, click Edit Layout in the upper right hand corner.

Click on the wrench in the Activity History section.

Under Available Fields, scroll to find Share Activity and Share Recipient Data. Select these and add them to the Selected Fields.

Make sure to save your change to the layout.

Now in the Activity History you will see what kind of Activity occurred as well as the information about that share recipient.

Just as you need to add activity type columns in your activity section on your various layouts, you will need to add those fields to the actual activity view to see them when viewing more information about activities. This helps users differentiate between shares, views, and downloads.

In this example, we are in an opportunity layout. In any Opportunity in the Activity History section, click on any existing activity.

In the upper right, choose Edit Layout.

From the field section, drag and drop Share Activity and Share Recipient Data into the Task Information section.

Remember to save your changes!

Now in the detail view of an Activity, you will see this information.

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