So where should I place the KnowledgeTree app in my Salesforce layouts to achieve the best results with asset discovery, sharing and tracking? Our recommendation is “above the fold”.

Search for the term “above the fold” today and you will find a plethora of blog articles stating that the design concept is so 1999. That might be true in regards to marketing websites and call-to-actions, but we believe the "above the fold" mentality still exists in regards to the placement of your most useful apps and online tools. Don’t you place your favorite apps on the home screen of your smartphone so they are quickly accessible? It’s the same idea.

Here’s why. In the opportunity view for example, a user goes there to further the sale… to create more discussion… to provide convincing, relevant assets to the prospect. By placing KT4SF right below the main opportunity information, users can discover the right asset for the right time. They can quickly view all the opportunity information at the same time they are discovering the asset.

The ease of sharing is then at their fingertips without having to scroll back and forth on the page. They have the tools they need to engage the prospect easily, all in one view.

Analytics have shown that users are more inclined to use the application if it is placed near the top of the page. When the app is moved toward the bottom, usage declines. By making the app and assets visible at first glance, users are reminded that they don’t need to look for assets elsewhere. This helps marketing and sales management ensure users are on target with branding, messaging and business goals.

As shown here, recommended Placement is immediately below the main detail in any view.

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