When KnowledgeTree for Salesforce is installed, we establish a connection between KnowledgeTree and Salesforce with the installer's Salesforce credentials. You can check this connection by going to https://manager.knowledgetree.com, login with your Salesforce credentials and navigate to Settings.

This connection is used to facilitate KnowledgeTree for Salesforce working appropriately.

The below table lists the Salesforce field permissions the connected user requires to enable Salesforce users to Share Assets with Contacts and Leads.

For users to correctly Share assets with their prospects in Salesforce, the connected user requires READ permissions on the below fields.

To field permissions are set at the user profile level. Identify the profile of the connected user. Then, go to

Your Name -> Setup -> Manage Users -> Profiles

Click on the Profile Name of the connected user. Scroll down to the Field-Level Security section.

Click View next to the object.

Click Edit

Make sure for each field listed in the table at the top of this article has "Visible" checked.

Click Save

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