Using customer fields in Salesforce is an effective way to curate content based on information your sales team is already suing to identify opportunities and prospects.

To create a custom field in Salesforce, first, login to your Salesforce account and navigate to "Setup".

Under "Customize" you can choose to manage the fields for Leads, Opportunities, Products, and so on. For this example, we're going to choose Leads. Click the "Fields" link.

Click on the "New" button under the Custom Fields and Relationships section.

It's time to choose the type of field we want to create. In this example, a picklist is created. Choose the type of filed you want to use and click "Next". For use with KnowledgeTree, we strongly encourage using Picklist or Picklist (Multi-Select).

Input the Field Label, Field Values, and Field Name for the field you're creating. This screen will differ slightly depending on the type of field you chose in the previous step.

Once you've filled in the details for the field click "Next".

Now choose the Salesforce profiles that you'd like to have access to this custom field. Any profiles without permission won't be able to interact with the field. Once you've settled on your profile permissions click "Next".

Lastly, chose the layouts in which you would like this custom field to appear. When you're done, click "Save".

Congratulations! You've successfully created a custom field in Salesforce.

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