Team Alerts allow Marketing and Sales leaders to notify Sales Reps when new content becomes available or when important content has been updated. What's more, these alerts will show up directly within Salesforce and won't get lost in email shuffle we all contend with daily.

Creating and Sending an Alert

Let's walk through an example.

You've created some brilliant new collateral and need to get it to Sales. With Team Alerts you can tell them the content is available and provide some context into how to use it.

Choose one or many assets and click the "Create alert" button.

Create a subject for your alert and the body of the alert message. In this case we want to tell the Sales Team about the Product Briefing and ask them to review it.

Alerts can be sent to "All users" or to specific "Teams" you've defined in KnowledgeTree. This allows you to control who sees the alert so the right people are informed.

Once the alert has been sent, it will show up directly within KnowledgeTree for Salesforce.

By clicking the alert, the Sales Rep can view the contents of the alert and any assets associated with that alert. In our example, the Sales Rep sees the note about the new Product Marin Display and has immediate access to the Product Marin Display itself.

Sales Reps will have access to their 5 most recent alerts at all times within Salesforce for quick and easy reference.

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