Why Disable Downloads for Reps?

KnowledgeTree enables your sales team to share assets with prospects by emailing a unique share link. There is no need for reps to download files and send as attachments. This provides several powerful benefits to both sales and marketing:

  • Sales Efficiency: reps save time by sharing content directly from a Salesforce record with just a couple of clicks.
  • Consistent Messaging: marketing can tie email templates to specific assets to ensure content is correctly and consistently positioned when shared externally.
  • Deliverability: when reps send content from their own email address without attaching large files, it reduces spam filtering at prospect organizations.
  • Prospect Experience: prospects can view, save, and re-share content with their peers from a customizable landing page, without downloading email attachments.
  • Sales Effectiveness: reps are instantly alerted via email when prospects engage with content, enabling immediate follow-up while your product is top-of-mind.
  • Marketing Visibility: KnowledgeTree aggregates sharing and engagement activity and provides powerful analytics to help better develop future content.

For all these reasons, we highly recommend disabling downloads for reps. They can still preview content directly in Salesforce, even when downloads are disabled.

How to Enable/Disable Downloads

  1. In the KnowledgeTree Manager, go to Settings.
  2. Select Assets.

3. On the Assets card, check/uncheck the Enable Downloads option:


  • Changes will take effect immediately.
  • The download icon will be shown/hidden for reps as per your selection.
  • You can change this setting at any time.
  • ¬†Prospects still have the option to download assets on the linked landing page.
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