Google Analytics can be used to track information about the way visitors interact with your company website. If you are leveraging KnowledgeTree share links on your website or if you want to track content engagement in a single source, KnowledgeTree's integration with Google Analytics will ensure you can do so.

If you haven't already, the first step before connecting KnowledgeTree to Google Analytics is to create a property for the website you want to track.

You will then need to enable the integrations in KnowledgeTree by logging into your Manager Portal (, navigating to Settings, and Integrations as seen below.

Next, Enable Third Party Integrations by selecting the check box and turning on the Google Analytics section. Enter the Universal Analytics ID used for the website you are tracking through Google Analytics and save.

Now you can track content views and downloads from documents in KnowledgeTree through Google Analytics, leaving no gaps on consumption. Knowing this engagement will allow your company to take desired actions on where to focus your sales and marketing efforts next.

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