KnowledgeTree's Guestbook feature gives you the ability to collect information from unknown prospects, driving better analytics for your prospecting and selling activities. In conjunction with social sharing and multicontact sharing, it is a powerful feature that gives visibility into asset engagement at a more granular level.

How to Enable and Configure

In the KnowledgeTree Setting section in the management console, navigate to the Sharing tab.

Here you can enable/disable the guestbook. You can also set name and/or email as required fields.


When an email address and name are required, only first time visitors will be prompted to supply their email address. If supplied, the guestbook will look at the prospect's email domain (ex: and assign it to the Account that has other contacts with the same domain. If we can not find a similar Account with contacts associated with the same domain, we will create a new Lead for the prospect (ex: if they enter in an domain they will be marked as a lead).

If no email is supplied, no views will be tied to the Contact or Lead record in Salesforce. Generic activity analytics will only be tied to the content in KnowledgeTree Manager.

We recommend that you require these fields to be filled in by prospects to drive better analytics for your prospecting and selling activities.

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