You can manually add your signature to emails that are generated from the "Email" button when creating a share in KnowledgeTree with Gmail as your default mail client. The Gmail link function specifies the content of the message body (body=link). Gmail does not add a signature to the message body. You can manually add your signature through "Canned Responses".

1. Turn on and set up an email signature with Gmail. To do this, go to Settings>General>Signature>Add and save your changes.

2. Switch over to the Labs tab and enable Canned Responses. Save changes at the bottom of the page.

3. Compose a new message (make sure that only your signature is in the body). In the bottom right corner, click the Down Arrow>Canned Responses>New Canned Response. Create a new Canned Response and label it "Signature".

4. Once you are in KnowledgeTree, generate a share with a prospect and press the "Email" button. In your new composition window, click at the bottom of the text where you want your signature to be inserted and click the down arrow located in the bottom right corner of your email. Click Canned Responses>Insert Signature.

5. Your final email will appear as follows:

Steps 1-3 only need to be done once, however you will need to manually insert your signature through a Canned Response (steps 4-5) at the bottom of the composed email each time.

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