Metadata = Better Asset Analytics (Part 1)

As an Asset Manager, do you know if eBooks or Videos performing better in early stage opportunities? Do you know if your case studies resonate better with a particular buyer persona? Are reps even using the Datasheets you created anymore? Or could you reinvest content budgeting somewhere else?

We've been itching to help you answer these exact questions. Which is why we're super excited to announce the first fruits of our initiative to enable richer analytics via metadata.

Now you can:

  • Assign categories to assets, enabling richer tracking of content performance
  • Filter by category in KnowledgeTree Manager

We provide a default set of categories. We're pushing category metadata into the KT share activity tasks in Salesforce, so you can pivot on categories in your Salesforce dashboards. Our success team can also provide you with an Excel report.

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