As reps converse with and manage prospects, their content needs can evolve. At any time, reps can quickly send feedback to their marketing team about the content being presented to them within KnowledgeTree for Salesforce.

At the bottom of the content list there's a Provide Content Feedback link. Reps should use this link to alert the marketing team about ...

  • The inability to find the content they're searching for
  • Changes that should be made to existing content
  • New use cases and value propositions they're discovering in the field

Coaching reps to provide feedback early and often helps to keep your content portfolio effective and current.

When the Provide Content Feedback link is clicked, the rep's default mail client will open with information about the Salesforce record they're viewing. They can then provide additional context and fire that off to the marketing team.

Administrators click here for information on adding the default email address in Salesforce.

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