Your company uses Hubspot Sidekick (formerly known as Signals) to create email templates and track emails. So why should you use the sharing feature within KnowledgeTree? It's the same thing, right?

No. It isn't. Using Sidekick in conjunction with KnowledgeTree can garner even more tracking analytics for not only sales, but for marketing so that they can better assist sales with the right content!

  • Sidekick allows you to track when an email is opened
  • KnowledgeTree notifies you when prospects view and download shared content within emails
  • KnowledgeTree allows you to send content without attaching, thereby reducing spam filtering for large attachments
  • KnowledgeTree aggregates sharing data for marketing to better develop future content
  • KnowledgeTree bridges the gap so you're not left in the dark after being notified that the prospect opened your email.

Here are a few simple steps to gain value from both Sidekick and KnowledgeTree when sending content specific emails to prospects.

Discover the desired content in KnowledgeTree and click the share icon.

Copy the share link for your specific prospect.

Paste the share link into an email or an email template from Sidekick.

Now you'll get notification from Signals when the email has been viewed, as well as notification from KnowledgeTree when the content is viewed and downloaded!

Even better, KnowledgeTree gives insight to your marketing team as to what content is being shared and what content is working, so they can work to continue to improve the content they develop to help you close more sales!

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