Your reps are sharing content. They've been seeing lots of view notifications. You've been tracking this in reporting. All is well.

However, you've recently noticed that the number of prospect views has recently declined, especially in comparison to the number of shared assets.

There are a few reasons this may be happening.

  • Your sales users are trusting KnowledgeTree more and not clicking the share links themselves. If they are accustomed to using share links, they are less likely to double check the link and thus won't generate "false" view activities.
  • Your accompanying message to the share links may not be compelling. Prospects may not be viewing because you need to update your messaging or make use of templates.
  • Emails are possibly being caught in spam filters. Try following CAN-SPAM guidelines to prevent this. Also, consider setting up a vanity URL for your share links, if you haven't already. Having a share link URL that matches your email domain can assist with emails not being sent to spam.
  • It could just be a lull in the sales cycle. Unfortunately, it happens. We all know some months and time periods are popular choices for vacation and time off. Consider if prospect communication is already particularly low. There could be a correlation to your view activities.
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