KnowledgeTree allows you to see what content has already been shared with and viewed by prospects within the record you are working with. With our at-a-glance prospect engagement history, you can quickly know what to share next, what to re-share, and what's working! Here's an overview.

At-a-Glance in the Asset List

In the list of assets, you will see engagement history badges to the left of the assets titles letting you know the number of times an asset has been shared, viewed, or downloaded.

In the example below, the asset Champion Slides has been viewed twice and downloaded once, as noted in the blue badge with the eye icon and the download icon.

The asset App Mavericks has been shared, but not viewed. We know this because it has a badge with the eye icon, the number zero, and rather than being blue, the badge is gray.

Assets without a blue or gray badge, such as Case Study: Ring Central have not been shared with and contacts within this company.

To get even more information, hover over the blue or gray engagement history badge. This tells you who the asset was last viewed by and when.

For those without a view, you can see when the asset was last shared.

At-a-Glance from the Share Dialogue

When you click the Share button, you will also be informed of who the asset has already been shared with and if they have viewed it. Click into the contact list to see this information.

In our example here, Jack Rogers has received and viewed the Champion Slides asset. No one has shared the Champion Slides asset with Thomas Burber. You may prefer to share with Thomas, rather than Jack in this scenario.

In this example, Thomas Burber has received the Case Study: Message Systems asset, but has not viewed it. You may want to resend it to Thomas, as well as share it with Jack!

At-a-glance prospect engagement history allows you to quickly see what has been shared with and viewed by your prospects. This feature can allow you to know what to send and to whom without much effort on your part. Happy selling!

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